We will assist and enable the Tanzanian people to obtain universal access to safe water, community by community.


We aim to improve the life prospects of all people of Tanzania by providing safe water and health education in partnership with local communities .


Saint Paul Partners is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides fresh water wells for communities in Tanzania. We have two Tanzanian Employees and contract with Well Drilling operators in Tanzania.  We pride ourselves on utilizing donations as effectively as possible. We are currently at an extremely high ratio of donated funds being used to build and service wells. This is a great undertaking and a proud achievement. Thanks to all who contribute not only through financial donations but also through volunteering.


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Saint Paul Partners An update on the presentation to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Amelund Minnesota. University of Minnesota Engineering students visited in the Iringa Region of Tanzania. #tz2017 #iringaregion 2017-04-06T21:19:19+0000
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Tandala Safari Camp - Tanzania Just a quick intro into our wonderful homeland.....enjoy.x
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Bega Kwa Bega Excited to have a group from Gustavus Adolphus College here with us in Iringa as they learn about the ministries of the Iringa Diocese and sing along the way! You are warmly welcome!
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Bega Kwa Bega Came across this vehicle after a tour through the Diocese. St. Paul Partners will be bringing a group of engineering students over to Tanzania in January to assess several villages, writing up reports for water projects that can later be implemented.
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Bega Kwa Bega Wishing the University of Minnesota Engineering group safe journeys and fulfilling times out at Ifuwa, Itonya, and Bomalangombe as they survey each water situation and come up with a project proposal. Wikiendi Salama!
Saint Paul Partners 2016-10-07T22:56:34+0000
Saint Paul Partners Congratulations Ken!! Thank you for all that you do to support clean water initiatives in the Iringa Region of Tanzania! Bega Kwa Bega #IringaTZ #Tanzania2016
Bega Kwa Bega Describing 2016 Recipient of a 3Mgives award Ken Smith and his work with Saint Paul Partners, one of his nominators says, "Ken is one of those supermen that you hear about and use as a role model but never really expect to meet. I was very lucky to actually be able to meet a guy like him."
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Neema Crafts When Neema Crafts started working with physically disabled adults, most lacked access to disability aids and many had never seen any specialist or doctor. 15 % of the population in and around Iringa, where Neema is based in Tanzania, are classified as having a disability. Today Neema provides mobility aides for its staff and has a physio therapy unit to support our staff and children with disabities so they can have a brighter future.
Saint Paul Partners #innovation #recycling
David Wolfe This Man Is Building Homes For The Homeless Using Discarded Plastic
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Tanzania purges 10,000 'ghost workers' in anti-corruption drive - BBC News More than 10,000 "ghost workers" are removed from Tanzania's public sector payroll as part of an anti-corruption drive, saving an estimated $2m (£1.4m) a month.
Saint Paul Partners #MSF #doctorswithoutborders
Diary of a night shift | Doctors without borders Diary of a night shift 13 May 2016 22:30 We gather in the centre of town and wait for our transport. The main road to the Macedonia (FYROM) border is quiet. Approaching the camp the landscape is illuminated by thousands of small flames providing heat and light for 12,000 refugees stationed for the n...
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Zion Lutheran Church - Loveland WE DID IT! Zion has raised $13,819.06 for the Well for Wellness to build a well for Ejeda Hospital in Madagascar. Our goal was $11,000 and because of the generous giving of Zion members we exceeded our goal. Zion you are truly witnessing to the ends of the earth.
Saint Paul Partners #womenoftheworld 2016-04-26T00:40:16+0000
Saint Paul Partners Great article and very good points to heed.
When disaster relief brings anything but relief Humanitarian workers say the good intentions of generous Americans who donate useless goods instead of money to victims creates a "second disaster"
Saint Paul Partners #BegaKwaBega #education
Bega Kwa Bega Last week, 36 people representing twenty different congregations gathered to learn about education in Tanzania and the Bega Kwa Bega Scholarship Program. Special guests from Iringa shared moving stories about the difference that scholarships have made in their home communities. Bwana Yesu Asifiwe! Thanks to St. Mark's Lutheran Church - NSP for hosting and Mwangaza Education for Partnership for sharing about your work. #begakwabega #education
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7 misconceptions you might have about HIV/AIDS Beliefs that HIV is a death sentence and that it mainly effects gay men are just plain wrong.
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How a software program can save lives - CNN Video "Beacon" is a software program that provides the foundation for emergency response systems in places that don't have one. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta has more.
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Companion News Update: Led by the Laity
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Drop in the Bucket If the world did nothing besides just providing access to clean water, without any other medical involvement, it could save 2 million lives per year. (Source Blue Planet Network)
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5 Reasons Why Investing in Women Is Key to Fighting Global Poverty THE BLOG 5 Reasons Why Investing in Women Is Key to Fighting Global Poverty 01/27/2016 01:35 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016 118 Lutheran World Relief Non-profit working working with local partners to provide lasting solutions to poverty, injustice and human suffering in Africa, Asia and Latin America…
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Think Christianity is dying? No, Christianity is shifting dramatically There are three times more Protestant Hispanics in the United States than Episcopalians.
Saint Paul Partners Smiling face from Neema Crafts in Iringa in the Iringa Region where much of your support and our work takes place.
Neema Crafts This lovely photo of Aaron was taken by Ben. Aaron is one of our tailors. He trained on our tailoring course and then started working for us this year. He's a fantastic tailor! Here he is making washbags from our hand screen printed fabric. I can see Ray and Diamond designs! You can buy the washbags in our shop in Iringa or online at
Saint Paul Partners Completed through funding of Water to Thrive 12 hand pump wells in Matamba area (Southern diocese). These folks are partnered with the South Carolina synod of the ELCA. #cleanwater #stpaulpartners #iringa #tanzania #elca
Saint Paul Partners 2016-03-23T13:14:06+0000
Saint Paul Partners #cleanaccessiblewater #waterday2016
World Water Day 2016 | The Lutheran World Federation World Water Day on 22 March represents a day to celebrate water and how access to it makes a difference in the lives of everyone around the globe.