Mud Rotary Wells

Mud Rotary Wells are shallow wells (< 100 feet) that can be drilled in areas without solid rock using a rotary drill and circulating mud to remove cuttings.  Mud Rotary wells are much less expensive than Air Hammer Wells and typically are installed with a hand pump.  The time lapse video below shows drilling of a Mud Rotary Well by Kilolo Star.  Notice the two mud pits, one to trap out cuttings and the second to hold the recirculating resevoir.  The mud is pumped down the shaft of the drill to the drill head as it turns, pushing cuttings back up the bore hole.  The finished bore hole is installed with PVC casing with a slotted screen at the bottom and fitted with a hand pump built on a concrete base.


Kitowa Well #2 Time Lapse from Kris Koenig on Vimeo.